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Little Chamonix to Big Chamonix

By Joe Beaumont
08, Oct, 2015

I had an interview to get to, it's only 1500km

It's done boys. 
8 months post ankle fusion
6 countries
1500 km
1 good arm
1 bad arm
1 good leg
1 not so good
1 incredibly sore bottom

Personal record of 167 miles in a day from Rotterdam to an American war grave somewhere near Liege, Belgium.

Then smashing that by riding from 9 am in Strasbourg, crossing the Rhine and riding through Germany then traversing Switzerland in darkness to arrive in the Chamonix valley by 3 pm the next day. No sleep! 260 miles and 30 hours in the saddle.

Why do that on the last leg of the journey? Adrenaline? Or just just because it was raining, I was cold it was dark and I couldn't find a dry place to sleep from the light of my headtorch? 
Consequently I'm not in the best condition today...

Cramp, dizzy spells and narcolepsy still 24 hours later. But very happy/sad.

I have to say that the gear performed brilliantly, being out in the field (or graveyard). When I stopped, I had so many people looking at the Ferrari with a roof rack. A few times people would walk over from across the street to comment. This is the future boys I tells ya!

I would look forward every night to reaching into my dry bag and wrapping myself in the 0Hiro jacket! And I'd sleep in it too. Perfect jacket. 

Hey well I'm still evidently tired.
I have to job interview tomorrow, I hope they're ok with Lycra? 

Night night - Joe

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