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Ice Ice Baby?

By Ashleigh Naysmith | 22, Mar, 2008

Dressed for the slopes

Now, I realise that striclty speaking this does not constitute as part of my climbing experiences, however, I shall continue. Earlier today I had my first snowboarding lesson. I enjoyed it so much I think that I may quit climbing and take up snowboarding more avidly. Only kidding. Nonetheless, I had great fun. I was taught only the basics of tying your feet on to the board, falling over, going down a slope backwards with front breaks, and some directional boarding. I got the hang of tying my feet up straight away. Falling over properly I could do in theory, but in practice it was a little trickier.

I participated in some arm flailing whilst descending the slope backwards but my real trouble came when I attempted to change direction whilst going backwards down the slope. I suddenly forgot how to bring myself back to centre and found myself going down this slope a lot faster than I had anticipated. This resulted in some heels over head tumbling. Smooth.

Hopefully I shall get a little more able at snowboarding then I can take some trips away combining winter climbing (something I am yet to try but would like to soon) and snowboarding. Switzerland or Canada would be nice. Hmmm… to be continued…

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