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First time to Hueco

By Tom Newman
03, Mar, 2014

10 7C+, 9 8A, 5 8A+ proves a rather successful first trip to Hueco

Tom Newman on El Techo des Los Tres B 8a

The climbing in Hueco seemed to suite me quite well and the endless dry weather out there means you can formulate a plan of what you want to do in the following day's and see it through (this rarely happens in the UK). I was pretty satisfied with how the trip went in terms of climbing and in terms of the people I got to hang out with.

The slight draw back of this place are the restrictions that have been lain down by the state, however, if you are organised before the trip and plan everything well, it's not a massive problem once you are there. Thanks to Melisssa Strong  we also got to stay on her land which is where all the tour guides happened to stay as well, this, therefore meant it was pretty easy to get a guide to certain areas where and when you wanted to. Some people might see paying x amount of $ to going climbing a bad thing, but it only adds incentive to make sure you do your project fast wink

Ticklist - Here is a collection of climb's I did on the trip.

Power of Silence 7C+ (flash), Black Mamba 7C+, Mojo 7C+, Full Service 7C+ (2nd go),  Focus 7C+ (flash), Call 911 7C+ (3rd go), Out of the Furnice 7C+, Big Under 7C+, Deans Journey 7C+ (2nd go), Free Willy 7C+ (flash), El Techo des Los Tres B 8A, Diaphanous Sea 8A (flash), Liane 8A (3rd go), El Chupacabra right 8A, Rumble in the Jungle 8A (2nd go), Tequila Sunrise 8A, Anal Indruder # 10 8A (flash), The Feather 8A, Platonique 8A, Diabolique 8A+, Sol Adunamentum 8A+, The Full Monty 8A+, Loaded with Power Direct 8A+, The Rhino 8A+ (my personal favourite of the trip).

For the full report, more photos and videos cruise over to my blog


Sol Adunamentum 8a+ from Tom Newman on Vimeo.

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In pictures

Tom Newman on El Techo des Los Tres B 8a
Tom flashing Focus 7c+

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