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Factory Diary Week 1

By Anna Kennett | 18, Jan, 2012

Week 1 in the factory

Exciting news from the AlpFactory; this week we finally, actually, properly start production (albeit tentatively - baby steps)! On Friday we finished the final production sample which was given the friendly Dragonʼs Den treatment by Nick, Jim, Kenny and Col. This week weʼre making the first batch of 20 mats. Weʼve been training up other members of Team Alpkit to work in the factory and hopefully our very complicated production schedule will be, well… on schedule!

Weʼve had to cut out over 400 bits of webbing, 40 zips, 80 meters of shock cord, 20 bits of hook and loop and a scary amount of fabric. Weʼve re-wound hundreds of bobbins and drunk a lot of tea and coffee. The machines have been whirring and clunking all day and everyone managed to use the round knife without needing a trip to casualty (always a bonus!).

Gradually the gargantuan pile of parts has been transformed into a big pile of nearly- finished mats. Friday morning and weʼre all a bit sleepy but weʼre on target to finish the batch today and thereʼs fresh tea and coffee on the go so itʼs time to finish writing this and fire up the machines for the final push. Exciting times in the AlpFactory!

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