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Climbing Works International Festival

By Dan Bradley | 09, Mar, 2009

Semi final Problem 3

CWIF is an international bouldering competition held at the Climbing Works, it attracts some of the top boulder’s from around the world like Jerome Myer and Tyler Landman.

The format is 30 qualifying problems from about grade 6B to 7C, out of the many people entering they take the top 16 through to a semi final with problems that are graded.. well ridiculous!

So if you manage to somehow keep up with these world class boulderers for that long, have suffered the stress of being in isolation so you can’t have any sneaky peeks at the wall and managed to retain the slightest bit of strength from having been climbing for nearly 8 hours then you have to contend with the very dramatic and crowd pleasing final!

Well how hard can it be?.. I thought I’d give it a whirl!

The routes were very technical and tough to read so diving on and getting them ticked as fast as possible was not an option. The painful task of sitting underneath each problem individually and trying to work out the moves, only to find out half way up you thought wrong, and will now have to find someway of rescuing yourself from the certain disaster of eating mat.

As it started to get busier I thought it would be a good idea not to give myself much rest in between problems so I could have more rest time at the end. It seemed to pay off, with qualifications over I managed to qualify in 3rd place and was psyched!!!

The unfortunate thing about qualifying in a high position means you have to sit in isolation longer which is for me possibly one of the most stressful places ever!

So after needing the toilet every two minutes for two hours it was my turn to climb and I was feeling quite good and not too fatigued. The first problem was very much my ideal and I managed to flash it, the second I thought was going to be ok until I didn’t realise the last hold moved and came flying down to the ground. I then couldn’t get back up there, and as I was getting more and more tired the walls were unfortunately getting steeper and steeper. Again on the third problem I made it all the way to the last hold but was unable to latch it and the final problem.. well, I was well done by that point.

I finished up in 9th place coming two places behind Ned Fehally, the current British bouldering champion. At first I was a little down but then was very relieved when I saw the final problems which looked a little beyond me but still extremely inspiring to watch the the final competitors style some hard climbs.

I’m currently sat at home falling half asleep from having climbed all day, I also have a flight to catch in three hours from East Midlands to Spain for the next ten days sport climbing in El Chorro.

It’s tuff but somebody has to do it!

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