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British Team Training September 2008

By Ashleigh Naysmith | 01, Oct, 2008

Ahhhhh. How my stomach musles still ache- but, I shall be super strong with incredible core strength!

This weekend I attended the British Team Training weekend in Sheffield.
It began on the Saturday morning at the Works climbing centre. We were practicing our onsighting skills on a variety of boulder problems that focused on different strengths - for example: roof; technical; technical overhang; etc. The team manager was gaging what our strengths and weaknesses were. There was a good variety of problems so it was a rather enjoyable experience, except for the discomfort of having the skin on hands filed down by climbing holds. Ouch.

Following the training at the Works Beth and I got a life to Stanage with the team manager. However, as we felt rather tired and sore from the training and with the knowledge that we had more training the following day, we decided to leave our climbing shoes in the car so we would not be too tempted to climb. Instead, we sat in the sun and ate Pringles.

On the Sunday we started in the cafe at the Foundry, we disscussed the results of Saturday’s bouldering session. Tom Randall; the team manager had put the results into a graph. Very interesting.

We then warmed up for the 3 routes that had been set for us- comp style. The first route would be flash, the second two would be onsight.
I felt quite shaky on the first route as I felt quite stiff from Saturday but got up it fine- I believe this route was about F7a.
The second route (onsight) I found much more interesing, it was set on the huge five ten wall and involved lots of positive crimps- I finished this without feeling too pumped - this route was set as F7b+, but I was told it might be a bit soft for the grade.
The third route, also up the five ten wall, I found quite difficult. I fell off quite low down at a really long reach. I am certain that there must be some way I can do the move, maybe some crazy, strenuous rock over. Or a lucky dyno! However, I didn’t manage to complete it that time. - The route was around F7c.

Shortly after this competition training we went to the EIS to do core training with a member of the British Diving Team. It was painful. Good. But painful. We did floor exercises- complex sit up type things. We then sis some bar work - extra hard leg raises with twists. We also did some bar work with weights.
It still hurts when I sneeze. But I will be doing some more sore training tomorrow! Yay. It’ll be worth it - so I’ve been told anyway. smile

All in all, it was a good weekend and I feel all the stronger from it!

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