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We have worn ourselves through numerous waterproof jackets, got caught in storms and have been scared silly. We have been carried up wet mountains, trapped in sluices and witnessed many fantastic sunsets. The Alps are both a playground and a testing ground. New ways of enjoying them are added every year and these filter down to the smaller ranges or get scaled up to meet the demands of big Himalayan peaks, anyone who is addicted to the outdoors soon learns to adapt. To experience the perfection of an outdoors day all that is required is a little imagination.

Mountains to inspire
If you think this is only for the elite think again. Sure there are a lot of gnarly things you could be doing, but equally you could enjoy an afternoons cross country skiing, spend a stary night in a mountain refuge or dream in a secluded alpine meadow. Someone who spends time in the mountains IS an alpinist. Tell your friends you are an alpinist, that's just how it is.

Vertical pleasures
We are mostly climbers at heart and won't travel far from our homes without a pair of rock shoes wedged in our bag. Short walk-in's, perfect sun drenched rock; that's our favourite. Perhaps that's because we grew up in the UK and craved for something more 'comfortable'. Climbing is what you want it to be, exploration, micro boulders or sport. Just respect the rock and others around you.

Big views, hidden gems
Walking all day was never Nicks idea of a good time. He prefered a short transition between the horizontal and the vertical. Hearing about the telepheriques he thought the Alps would be for him, but it didn't take him long to realize why people carried poles and wore light sacks. Things are done a little different here, it's a different scene.

Long long downhills
Kenny got into mountain biking 15 years ago when he needed a durable bike for his paper round. He still has the same bike, talk about old school!. No suspension, no disc brakes and shorty handlebars. Downhills are fast and bumpy. At the end of the day bruised wrists are treated with a cool beer.

or down the pub
Come on, you can't kid a kidder. We don't just wear our stuff on the hills do we? We like to appear different to other people, even in town. Who doesn't get a kick out of walking a busy high street watching others get a soaking, stretching plastic bags over their heads just as you pull out your alptex smock that you stashed in your shoulder bag 'just in case'.

Mountain experiences
We are not just gear freaks, we haven't forgotten why we make outdoor gear. For this reason we are proud to support the mountain journal, an online publication exploring mountain experiences.

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