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Clothing Sale - Clothing Accessories, Hats, Socks, Gloves, Gaiters and Sunglasses

Don't forget about those extremities! There is a broad range of Hats, Socks, Gloves, Gaiters and Sunglasses in our Spacemaker Sale that will get you hiking, running, climbing and riding all the way through to next summer!

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Colca hiking and trekking gaiter in black


Waterproof and breathable high-cut gaiters for keeping out the elements and debris when hiking, trekking, and backpacking

Sale: £29.99 Was: £36.99

Kantju Trail running gaiter


Stretchy and breathable running gaiters for reducing blisters and hot spots when out on the trail

Sale: £17.99 Was: £22.99

Ag47 anti-microbial silver sock


The sock for wearing on multi-day adventures. Other socks smell but Ag47 stays fresh, comfortable and odour free from added natural silver thread for its anti-microbial qualities

Sale: £19.99 Was: £22.99


AK Multi Activity Sock Range Pack

4 pairs of socks - one of each design for all your outdoor needs

Sale: £14.99 Was: £19.99

Akcelerate dual skin running socks


3 pack of our breathable microfibre dual skin running socks

Sale: £9.99 Was: £13.49

Akdrenaline mountain bike socks


Pack of 3 mountain biking socks

Sale: £8.99 Was: £11.99

Aktif Ankle lightweight multiactivity socks

Aktif Ankle

Pack of 3 low-cut and lightweight COOLMAX® sports socks for doing anything and everything (within reason!)

Sale: £8.99 Was: £11.99

Heavy Weight Hiker mountaineering and trekking socks

Heavy Weight Hiker

Thick and warm boot-length trekking and mountaineering hiking sock that sit inside your classic hiking boot like a winter oasis for your feet.

Sale: £10.99 Was: £13.99

Heavy Weight Trekker mountaineering sock

Heavy Weight Trekker

AKA The Big Long Ones: 2 pack of full-length winter mountaineering walking socks for comfort and warmth from trail to summit.

Sale: £15.99 Was: £19.99

Momentum merino sock


3 pack of anti-bacterial, odour resistant mini merino socks for extended time on your feet or on two wheels

Sale: £18.99 Was: £22.99

Rana waterproof sock with a full-length breathable membrane

Rana Waterproof

Waterproof crew-length socks with a full breathable membrane that feel just like normal socks; comfy, stretchy, and well-suited to year-round hiking, riding, and running

Sale: £21.99 Was: £26.99

Solivtur Coolmax multi-activity socks


3 pack of moisture wicking midi socks with COOLMAX® fibres to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable when you’re riding, running or walking.

Sale: £16.88 Was: £21.99

Trekkers mid-weight walking socks


Pack of 2 COOLMAX® mid-weight walking socks, for trekking, hiking, walking, and doing all kinds of awesome stuff.

Sale: £9.99 Was: £14.99

Velocity bamboo liner sock


3 pack of anti-microbial and wicking bamboo socks which feel oh so lovely on your feet, ideal for travel, approach shoes, and every-day use.

Sale: £14.99 Was: £17.99

Aura Stretchy and warm fleece glove


Warm multi-purpose fleece glove for sunny Alpine days, cross country skiing, lining a shell glove, local hillwalking... (you get the picture)

Sale: £10.99 Was: £14.99

Aura Grip Stretchy and warm fleece glove with silicon grip palm

Aura Grip

Warm fleece gloves with a grippy silicon palm for active days out on the hill or in the mountains

Sale: £11.99 Was: £17.99

Comet Protective MTB gloves for 3 season use

Comet Gloves

Adventure and mountain bike gloves with thin synthetic leather palms for excellent grip and a ‘barely-there’ feel

Sale: £11.99 Was: £19.99

Floe Glove minimalist, stretchy MTB gloves

Floe Gloves

Tough MTB gloves for year-round coverage, comfort, and protection on the trails

Sale: £13.99 Was: £19.99

Gabbro Glove Durable and warm waterproof glove for all-round mountain use 


Malleable and warm waterproof gloves, a true workhorse with a softshell outer to give you excellent protection without leaving you feeling restricted

Sale: £39.99 Was: £49.99

Haline lightweight softshell glove with a waterproof insert


Waterproof gloves with a goatskin leather palm for dexterity and comfort on those Alpine summers ascents (and descents) and the damper days closer to home

Sale: £29.99 Was: £34.99

Pola Glove Waterproof insulated glove for autumn to spring cold weather protection


Our softest and most dexterous waterproof insulated gloves for protection from the cold, wind and rain when hiking and hillwalking; lightweight and ideal for autumn, winter and spring

Sale: £19.99 Was: £29.99

Rhombic Glove Warm, burly and waterproof insulated winter gloves for cold mountain days 


Warm, burly and waterproof insulated winter gloves with 200 gsm Primaloft Gold a tough nylon shell for winter mountaineering, alpinism and skiing; with a wicking lining to retain warmth in damp conditions

Sale: £44.99 Was: £64.99

Shuga Gauntlet Waterproof insulated winter glove with long cuffs for keeping out the snow


Midweight waterproof insulated winter glove for winter mountaineering, alpinism and skiing; with long cuffs for keeping out the snow in the harshest conditions

Sale: £54.99 Was: £69.99

Specta Stretchy fleece running glove with touch compatible fingertips


Close-fitting liner glove with touchscreen compatible fingertips in a comfy fleece fabric, ideal for layering up under a shell glove

Sale: £10.99 Was: £14.99

Specta Pullover Mitt Stretchy fleece running glove with pullover windproof mitt

Specta Running Pullover

Midweight fleece running gloves with stowable windproof pullover mitt and touchscreen compatible fingertips, ideal for those inevitable windy and rainy runs

Sale: £14.99 Was: £19.99

Rhythm Glove Fingerless cycling glove with zoned palm padding

Rhythm Gloves

Supple fingerless cycling gloves with zoned palm padding for a bit of protection and a comfortable and natural feel on long distance rides

Sale: £14.99 Was: £19.99

Draught Excluder multifunctional neck tube

Draught Excluder

It is a hat, a scarf, an ear band.. where you feel a draught you need a draught excluder!

Sale: £7.99 Was: £9.99

Diamond Trucker

Diamond Trucker

Classic trucker cap with Sonder logo patch

Sale: £14.99 Was: £19.99

Alpkit Trucker

Alpkit Trucker

Classic trucker cap with Alpkit logo patch

Sale: £14.99 Was: £19.99

Swoosh Snapback

Swoosh Snapback

Classic snapback cap with Alpkit swoosh logo

Sale: £15.99 Was: £19.99

Splitearth Snapback

Splitearth Snapback

Classic snapback cap with Sonder logo

Sale: £15.99 Was: £19.99

diffusion-sport-sunglasses - Active performance sunglasses for mountaineering, climbing, hiking, and running


Performance sport sunglasses with all-angle category 3 UV protection for high intensity activities from the greater ranges to the valley floor

Sale: £16.99 Was: £19.99

flux-sunglasses - Durable and lightweight classic style sunglasses with category 3 UV protection


Classic sunglasses with a woodgrain finish for active days in the sun, with category 3 UV protection and a stylish yet durable design

Sale: £11.99 Was: £16.99

Kruger - protection eyewear for cycling - dark lens


Running or riding glasses for protection from sun, dirt, water and wind. The stuff the trail throws at you. 3 in 1 wrap around classic eyewear protection

Sale: £11.99 Was: £14.99

mirage-sunglasses with category 3 UV protection


Go chase the winter sun, sunglasses for adventures with cool UV protection.

Sale: £9.99 Was: £12.99

resolution polarised sunglasses


Polarised floating sunglasses with a wraparound frame for protection from the sun and reduced glare when out on the water or in the mountains, with category 3 UV protective lenses

Sale: £14.99 Was: £19.99



Anti-fog cycling eyewear. Protection from mud, grit and the elements without restricting your field of vision. With three sets of lenses so that you can adapt to the conditions

Sale: £14.99 Was: £19.99

Kepler Draught Excluder Tarmac

Kepler Draught Excluder

Wear a neck warmer for comfort under an outerlayer or on its own as headwear. Luxurious, lightweight, next-to-the-skin comfort

Sale: £15.99 Was: £19.99

Kepler Lightweight superfine merino Beanie

Kepler Lightweight Beanie

Naturally technical, anti-microbial, and odour resistant merino beanie for keeping your head warm and comfortable when it’s chilly out

Sale: £15.99 Was: £19.99

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