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Camping Pots, Pans and Cooksets

We've broken eggs, scrambled eggs, made an omelette, burnt on crud, scrubbed it off again, re-hydrated space food and made a brew. Here's to making soup, a sweet cup of cocoa and a fine dining gourmet camp fondue.

4 piece aluminium saucepan set


A simple aluminium pan set which deserves a place on any extended camping trip. Durable with a generous pan capacity from which you can serve up a feast


Vagabond Pan Set - Non-stick aluminium pan set, ideal for 3 – 4 people

Vagabond Pan Set

Durable non-stick aluminium pan set, ideal size up to 4 people and well-suited to base camp cooking and weekend camping trips with your mates

SALE: £19.99 Was: £29.99

3 piece titanium pan set


Lightweight titanium 3 piece pan set including 2 pots and a non-stick teflon frying pan, a versatile and portable cooking set

SALE: £46.99 Was: £59.99

MytiMug 650

A perfectly sized titanium cooking mug for the soloist adventurer, can be used on a stove to cook your meal or just supping tea around your camp fire

SALE: £26.99 Was: £29.99

MytiPot 900

900 ml titanium cooking pot for soloists with large appetites or a pair wanting to cut the grams and save pack space.

SALE: £29.99 Was: £34.99

Cupertino collapsible silicone pot set


Three-piece set of collapsing silicone pots for low pack-size camping tableware

SALE: £14.99 Was: £19.99

Slurp enamel camping mug

Slurp Mug

Enamel mug for enjoying a good brew at the campsite

SALE: £8.99 Was: £9.99

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