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Love Mud rugged wheels, finishing kit and accessories

Love Mud bike components take mountains of abuse.

When we started Sonder, the wheels we were riding simply weren't available so we made our own. So rather than signing up with an established brand we collaborated with industry legends and world class factories to engineer rugged performance components to take mountains in the stride. Components that improve performance, handling, reliability and comfort. Whether it be Rovaniemi, Tourmalet, Bike Park Wales or that mass of riding opportunity that lies between.

Love Mud was born. Well thought out components at the forefront of design engineering for road, mountain and bikepacking adventures.

Love Mud Wheels: tubeless performance upgrades

Run tubeless: less weight; better traction; fewer punctures and flats; enjoy the ride comfort and handling from lower tyre pressures. Tubless tyres perform better. Then reinvest some of that weight gain into rims and spokes for durability and reliability. Love Mud wheels take mountains of abuse in their stride.

When we started Sonder, money couldn't buy the wheels we were riding: tubeless 650b+ boost wide-rim wheelsets with the durability to take a hammering. Reliability and easy maintenance for when you are miles from home. We built our own wheels and created Love Mud.

Purposefully designed around our bespoke hubs, hand-checked for quality, with precision double-machined axles and sealed bearings for hassle-free servicing, Love Mud wheels dial killer performance and reliability.

If you don’t bond with your Love Mud wheels, you can send them back for a refund within 60 days, (we’ll even pick up returns postage for UK orders). Find out more about our 60 Day Love Mud Wheel Trial.

Volution Road Plus wheelset

Love Mud Volution Road Plus Wheelset

650b Road Plus disc brake tubeless compatible technical trail wheelset, with standard Shimano freehub or SRAM XD Driver


Love Mud Hobo MTB 27.5 inch tyres

Love Mud Hobo 650b Boost Wheelset

650b mountain bike wheelset, tubeless compatible and designed around a Love Mud boost hubs.


Love Mud Hobo 29 inch wheelset

Love Mud Hobo 29er Wheelset

29er mountain bike wheelset, tubeless compatible and designed around a Love Mud boost hubs


Love Mud Rumpus 650b+ 100/142 MTB wheelset

Love Mud Rumpus 650b+ 100/142 MTB Wheelset

650b+ tubeless compatible wheelset built around 100/142 standard hubs, with regular Shimano freehub or SRAM XD Driver

SALE: £199.99 Was: £249.99

Love Mud Hullabaloo Carbon Wheelset

Love Mud Hullabaloo Fat Carbon Wheelset

Fat bike carbon wheelset designed around Love Mud fat hubs


Available on finance

Love Mud Hullabaloo Fat Carbon - Pair

Pair of lightweight 565 gram carbon rims for building up your own fat bike wheel set


Love Mud Hullabaloo Fat Carbon - Single

Single lightweight 565 gram carbon rim for building up your own fat bike wheel set


Love Mud Pedals

Distortion is our team favourite and the personal choice of Sonder designer Neil Sutton. From our affordable thermoplastic Torque flats - a great entry level pedal to introduce you to flats - to our premium Distortion, we're proud of the form and function of our pedals. Good pedals mean efficient power transfer and secure footing and are a hassle free low maintenance improvement to many production bikes.

Love Mud Torque pedals

Love Mud Torque / Black

Grippy thermoplastic mountain bike pedals with replaceable pins

SALE: £24.99 Was: £34.99

Love Mud Jekyll

Single sided SPD and flat aluminium pedals for touring and mountain biking which can be used with SPD or flat shoes

SALE: £49.99 Was: £59.99

Love Mud Bike Saddles

A good saddle means hours of enjoyable riding; it's arguably the most important upgrades for comfort. Our saddles are trail tested by the team (it's a tough job but someone has to do it...) and we absolutely love them. We've looked to make sure the saddle supports your hard bits rather than soft bits and the nose is a good length to help swift changeovers when riding on or out of the saddle. These principles mean we've found our saddles are good for all riders so are female friendly without being gender specific.

Love Mud Abode

High density foam saddle with semi split-leaf base for all day riding comfort

SALE: £19.99 Was: £24.99

Love Mud Kura

Lightweight with honeycomb base and titanium rails, Kura is a saddle that is designed to deliver high performance for mountain biking and adventure touring


Brooks B17 Leather Saddle (Side) - Black

Brooks B17 Saddle

Brooks’ flagship leather saddle: unchanged for over a century, it moulds to the rider for premium bum comfort on longer rides


Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle (Side) - Black

Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle

An all-weather and instantly comfortable saddle based on a classic Brooks design and made from vulcanised rubber and organic cotton.


Love Mud Handlebars, Stems and Seatposts Love Mud finishing kit

When we build bikes we make sure every bike leaves our built team is as we would want to ride it. Too many production bikes cut corners by mixing and mashing groupsets and use inferior finishing kit to save a few cents falsely believing the economies are worth it. Thats why Sonder designer Neil Sutton has developed Love Mud of finishing kit. We've paid attention to the details and every component is to our obsessive standards. Even down to thin grips to get good feedback and less arm pump making longer rides more enjoyable. Bars, stems and seatposts are not just for looks. Subtle changes in the riding position can make a difference in riding comfort, performance and capability. It's so worth trying different bar widths, stem lengths and saddles to get the fit right for you.

Love Mud Confucius

Create the ultimate bikepacking expedition rig and add luggage options to your bike with Confucious 6061 aluminium hoop handlebar

SALE: £24.99 Was: £34.99

Love Mud Spitfire handlebar

Love Mud Spitfire

Aluminium road bike drop bar with a slight flare to improve handling

SALE: £29.99 Was: £34.99

Love Mud Bomber flared drop bar

Love Mud Bomber

Flared aluminium drop bars for adventure riding on and off road

SALE: £24.99 Was: £29.99

Love Mud Hurricane

6061-T6 Aluminium classic drop bars

SALE: £24.99 Was: £29.99

Love Mud Aspect Flat

720 mm flat 6061 aluminium handlebars weighing 265 g

SALE: £14.99 Was: £24.99

Love Mud Aspect Riser

Love Mud Aspect Riser

780 mm 6061 aluminium riser handlebars weighing 305 g


Love Mud Piskie

Love Mud Piskie

Aggressive all-mountain steerer in three extensions


Stem: Love Mud Storc 31.8mm

Love Mud Storc / 31.8mm

A great all-round stem that can be used equally awesomely on your road or mountain bike setups.


Love Mud Ingot

Titanium 27.2 mm seatpost


Love Mud Membar

Aluminium seat post with adjustable rail clamp


Love Mud Rings

A pack of 5 aluminium alloy headset spacer rings for 1-1/8 tubes


Love Mud Feral

Quick-release seat clamp in 31.8 and 34.9 mm flavours


Love Mud Silent Partner

Simple seat post clamp ideally suited for carbon frames or frames with limited space


Clutch handlebar grips

Love Mud Clutch

Nice thin grips for good feedback and less arm pull making comfort hours on the trail


Grasp ergonomic handlebar grips

Love Mud Grasp Comfort

Pair of triple density, ergonomic, lock-on handlebar grips.

SALE: £8.99 Was: £14.99

Love Mud Reels

Two 190 cm reels of bar tape with plastic end caps for drop bar handlebars


Love Mud Tools for emergency repairs on the move

Trailside repair tool kits that are light, easy to carry and will get you out of fix on the trail.

Love Mud Trailside 16

Lightweight 16 in 1 multi-tool for your emergency trailside repairs

SALE: £11.99 Was: £12.99

Love Mud Detonator track floor pump

Love Mud Detonator

160 psi bike track pump with Presta and Schrader valve head, to make every pump a joy

SALE: £13.99 Was: £14.99

Sonder Key

Handy hex key with 3 hex tool sizes to fit the most common bolts on your bike


Sonder Persuaders Tyre Levers

Sonder Persuaders

Pack of 3 tyre levers


Play In The Dark Bike Lights

Rugged, durable, high powered Hadron and Boson mountain bike lights to helmet or handle bar mount. Bright Tau and Blip rechargeable trail lights. Embrace the darkness. Be Safe Be Seen.


High powered 850 lumen torch, strong aluminium body, rechargeable with handlebar mount for your bike

SALE: £31.99 Was: £39.99


2000 lumen rechargable bike light with rear light, remote switch and helmet mount

SALE: £59.99 Was: £99.99

Tau rear bike light


Bright and very, very lightweight front and rear LED bike safety lights. USB rechargeable with a wide beam to help you be seen

SALE: £11.99 Was: £14.99

Red Blip Strobe mini bike light


Be safe, be seen with Blip: a twin pack of red safety/signal mini-lights that can be attached to head torches, backpacks, and jackets to be visible at night.

SALE: £5.99 Was: £6.99

Love Mud accessories

Bike accessories include mud guards, bottle cages and bottles plus tees and eyewear to enhance your riding pleasure

Love Mud Detonator track floor pump

Love Mud Detonator

160 psi bike track pump with Presta and Schrader valve head, to make every pump a joy

SALE: £13.99 Was: £14.99

Love Mud Mool pannier rack

Love Mud Mool

Lightweight disc compatible, tubular aluminium rear rack for long distance touring adventures; compatible with the Toliari pannier

SALE: £23.99 Was: £24.99

Love Mud Bheesty

Stem cap bottle cage mounts to add more storage capacity up front

SALE: £14.99 Was: £15.99

Love Mud Trace Garmin Mount

Love Mud Trace

Mount Garmin electricals direct onto your stem cap. Keep your vital stats visible and handlebars clutter-free creating space for more bikepacking bags!

SALE: £11.99 Was: £12.99

Love Mud Buzz Wire

Lightweight and durable alloy bottle cage

SALE: £4.99 Was: £5.49

Sonder Bidon

Sonder Bidon

600 ml bidon to keep you hydrated while you are out on your ride

SALE: £1.99 Was: £2.99

Swig water bottle

Swig bottle

Drinks bottle in 750 ml or 500 ml capacity for swigging on the go


Kruger - protection eyewear for cycling - dark lens


Running or riding glasses for protection from sun, dirt, water and wind. The stuff the trail throws at you. 3 in 1 wrap around classic eyewear protection

SALE: £11.99 Was: £14.99

Love Mud Infinity Chain Ring - boost direct mount

Love Mud Infinity

SRAM direct mount boost chainring: 11/12 speed compatible with narrow-wide tooth profile for all-terrain performance; UK made for durability

SALE: £19.99 Was: £32.99

Sonder Broken Road Mech Hanger [V1]

Replacement driveside mech hanger for Sonder Broken Road


Sonder Camino Al Mech Hanger

Sonder Camino Al Mech Hanger [V2]

Spare mech hanger for your Sonder Camino Al


Sonder Camino Ti Mech Hanger

Sonder Camino Ti Mech Hanger

Replacement mech hanger compatible with the Sonder Titanium Camino


Sonder Evol Mech Hanger and Breakaway bolt

Sonder Evol Mech Hanger and Breakaway bolt

Spare mech hanger and breakaway bolt for your Sonder Evol


Sonder Frontier Mech Hanger

Sonder Frontier Mech Hanger [V1]

Spare mech hanger for your Sonder Frontier


Sonder Transmitter Carbon Mech Hanger

Sonder Transmitter Carbon Mech Hanger

Replacement mech hanger compatible with the Sonder Transmitter Carbon


Passport Lug-Kage

Passport Lug-Kage

Lightweight front fork luggage carrying cage for cycle touring and bikepacking


Passport Tour Rack

Passport Tour Rack

Lightweight, ultra-rigid, tubular alloy touring rear rack


Hiplok FX Wearable Retractable Combination Lock

Hiplok FX Wearable Retractable Combination Lock

Compact and wearable combination bike lock with 1 metre retractable cable for café pit-stops and milk run reassurance

SALE: £18.99 Was: £19.99

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