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Head Torches for running, riding, walking and climbing

Embrace the darkness. From running in the early hours to late night riding. Our lightweight head torches pack a punch in bright light, are easy to use, comfortable to wear and with a long battery life. Designed for running, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, paddling, and other outdoor activities where a strong beam, comfort, minimal weight and water resistance are priorities.

Alpkit Muon head torch, 450 lumens, bright and compact


Light and compact 450 lumen head torch with 2 hours burn time for done-in-an-evening adventures, early mornings at camp and crag escapes


Viper head torch - 240 lumen, rainproof,


240 lumen rainproof head torch with reactive lighting mode that strikes the balance between brightness and burn time. Compact, light, and handy for all-manner of adventures


Gamma III head torch

Gamma III

Running head torch with 180 lumen white, red and green LEDs, a rear battery pack, and a rear red caution light.


Qark head torch - 500 lumens, rechargeable, dual energy


580 lumen rechargeable head torch. Compatible with AAA batteries for when you’re recharging your battery pack, it’s perfect for climbing, trekking, mountaineering, and multi-day adventures


Alpkit Prism 400 lumen waterproof head torch


USB rechargeable waterproof and drop proof head torch with 400 lumen boost mode that can cope with whatever you throw at it, ideal for adverse conditions and remote places

Sale: £33.99 Was: £39.99

Red Blip Strobe mini bike light


Be safe, be seen with Blip: a twin pack of red safety/signal mini-lights that can be attached to head torches, backpacks, and jackets to be visible at night.


Pack of 10 AA batteries

AA Duracell Procell Batteries

A box of 10 single AA Batteries for your every need


Pack of 10 AAA batteries

AAA Duracell Procell Batteries

Box of 10 AAA batteries for your every need


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