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Gifts For Your Gear festive treats for your jackets, sleeping bags and deserving kit

You’ve bought presents for your family, partners, close friends, family friends, distant cousins and even the dog, but what about Gear? Gear’s been looking after you all year, helping you go nice places and do good things in safety and comfort. And what thanks does Gear get? Not even a measly mince pie... Now that's hardly in the spirit of Alpkitmas.

Show your gear some love this Christmas and it’ll still be looking after you by this time next year. We've got a great range of gear gifts, or you can really pamper your kit with a voucher for a relaxing break away at one of our Hack Patch & Sew repair stations.

Treat your gear to: a rejuvenating Tech Wash Scrub and Nikwax Massage, revitalising Heat Patch Therapy or a reviving Down Bath and Re-lofting treatment. We promise your gear will come back refreshed, restored and ready for another year of adventure.

Grangers Wash and Repel Clothing 2 in 1

Grangers Wash and Repel Clothing 2 In 1

2 in 1 technical clothing wash and reproofer. Bluesign approved.

From £11.99

Nikwax Twin Tech Wash / TX Direct

Nikwax Twin Tech Wash / TX Direct

Twin pack of tech wash and spray-on reproofer for restoring the breathability and Durable Water Repellency of your wet weather clothing

From £11.25

Nikwax Down Wash

Nikwax Down Wash

Wash-in down cleaner for revitalising your down-filled equipment and clothing

From £6.50

Nikwax Down Proof

Nikwax Down Proof

Wash-in reproofer for reviving your down-filled kit and clothes and giving it a water repellent coating. Use it alongside Nikwax Tech Wash

From £7.25

Stormsure Tuff patches

Stormsure Tuff Patches

Pack of 5 self adhesive waterproof patches for fixing your outdoor kit

From £9.99

Stormsure Watersports Repair Kit

Waterproof repair kit suitable for wetsuits, drysuits and other waterproof items



Sugru - Pack of 8

Moldable rubber that can fix most things


Sonder Key

Handy hex key with 3 hex tool sizes to fit the most common bolts on your bike


Sonder Persuaders Tyre Levers

Sonder Persuaders

Pack of 3 tyre levers


Alutica Crook Tension Hook, Red, Pack of 10, Left & Right

10 pack of 38 mm aluminium tensions hooks. Heavy duty and durable for when you need the highest level of reliability


Alutica Crook Tension Hook, Grey, Pack Of 10, Left & Right

10 pack of 25 and 38 mm aluminium tensions hooks. Heavy duty and durable for when you need the highest level of reliability

From £12.99

Duraflex Single Bar Duckbill Tensionlock, Pack Of 10

10 pack of 25 mm tension lock buckles for getting stuff nicely cinched in


Duraflex SJ Buckle, Dual Adjust, Pack Of 10, Grey

Pack of 10 38 mm side release buckles with dual adjust, for reliable fastening of stuff on your adventures


Duraflex Xlite CamLok, Pack Of 10

10 pack of CamLok® buckles in 20 and 25 mm for an excellent tension lock on ribbon and webbing

From £10.99

Repairs Grotto Treat your gear to some much needed TLC

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