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Bikepacking Handlebar Bags

Handlebar and harness bikepacking set-ups are for carrying lightweight items like sleeping bags, sleep mats and down jackets upfront. Our bags make use of dual sided entry points for easy on-the-move access to your gear. The lighter you pack your handlebar bag, the lighter the handling.

Airlok Dual works fine on its own but add a harness for extra stability and tyre clearance. Extend your rig further with additional accessory bags and hooped handlebar bags for a full blown expedition rig.

Airlok dual roll top closure water-tight dry bag kelp (green)

Airlok Dual 13l

Bestselling 13 litre dual ended bikepacking handlebar drybag. Protect your gear from the elements whilst keeping it within reach

SALE: £10.99 Was: £12.99

Airlok dual end closure watertight handlebar dry bag chilli (red)

Airlok Dual 20l

Expedition size 20 litre dual ended bikepacking handlebar dry bag. Spacious and lightweight, long distance gear protection

SALE: £12.99 Was: £14.99

Gnaro welded waterproof bikepacking handlebar bag


3 litre dual-ended waterproof bar bag for commuting and touring: light attachment points, quick stow bungee and welded seam construction to keeps your kit dry

SALE: £19.99 Was: £24.99

Tivaro 13l waterproof Welded bikepacking handlebar mounted drybag

Tivaro 13

13 litre waterproof handlebar bag with integrated harness for endurance racing and weekender bikepacking, seam sealed against the elements


Tivaro 20l waterproof Welded handlebar mounted drybag

Tivaro 20

20 litre waterproof handlebar bag with integrated harness for long distance bikepacking and cycle touring, seam sealed from the elements

SALE: £27.99 Was: £34.99


Dual-ended 13 L bar bag for carrying light, bulky items on overnight bikepacking raids and multi-day expeditions: made from VX21 laminate for durability

SALE: £34.99 Was: £44.99

Joey handlebar harness


Lightweight handlebar harness. Add stability with this Airlok Dual compatible harness. Ideal for weekender adventures

SALE: £7.99 Was: £11.99

Kanga handlebar harness


Ultimate handlebar harness to add stability, tyre clearance and protect your Airlok Dual. Lightweight and tough with flexible fibreglass stays to secure your Airlok Dual handlebar bags

SALE: £44.99 Was: £59.99

Roo Pouch Regular - Chilli

Roo Pouch

Kanga compatible pouch extension. Streamlined and tough bag available in 2 sizes to add extra capacity to your handlebar set up; UK-made for durability.

SALE: £15.99 Was: £21.99


Waterproof 3 litre fork cage bag for long trips and expanding your storage when you’re running out of space on the bike

SALE: £28.99 Was: £39.99

Drop Bear 4 litre bar bag blue

Drop Bear

4 litre hoop bar bag. Tough and lightweight with multiple attachment points to add carrying capacity with Love Mud Confucious and other hooped handlebars; UK-made for durability

SALE: £40.99 Was: £54.99

Bear Paws

Cycle pogies with Cordura outer, lined inner with microfleece cuffs and drawcord closure for creating a toasty microclimate for your hands through the winter

SALE: £73.99 Was: £99.99

Bikepacking handlebar bundle

Bike Packing Handlebar Bundle

Handlebar bags and harnesses to strap stuff like sleeping bags and mats to your handlebar.

£74.99 £94.97 if purchased separately

Love Mud Confucius

Create the ultimate bikepacking expedition rig and add luggage options to your bike with Confucious 6061 aluminium hoop handlebar


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