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Alpkit Socks for running, walking, hiking, riding and climbing

The secret weapon of a successful day out, the humble sock needs no introduction. They work hard in the background to keep your feet comfortable, blister-free and not too sweaty.

Whether you’re gearing up for a long day on your feet, a big day in the mountains, a fast and light day on the trail, an early morning pedal, or you just have really smelly feet*, find your ‘sole mate’ in our sock range.

We've bamboo socks, merino socks, dual skin socks, waterproof socks, COOLMAX socks and traditional wool for running, riding, hiking, climbing and mountaineering

*if you have smelly feet, we recommend Ag47 or Momentum merino!

Akcelerate dual skin running socks


Dual skin running socks. 3 pack of breathable microfibre socks with an inner liner to reduce blisters and ventilation patch

SALE: £9.99 Was: £13.49

Aktif Ankle lightweight multiactivity socks

Aktif Ankle

COOLMAX® sports socks for doing anything and everything (within reason!), 3 pack.

SALE: £8.99 Was: £11.99

Velocity bamboo liner sock


Bamboo sports socks 3 pack for its anti-microbial and wicking properties that feel oh so lovely on your feet, ideal for travel, approach shoes, and every-day use.

SALE: £9.99 Was: £11.99

Ag47 anti-microbial silver sock


Natural Silver sock for multi-day adventures. Other socks stink as AG47 stays fresh, comfortable and odour free from added natural silver thread for its anti-microbial qualities

SALE: £14.99 Was: £18.99

Solivtur Coolmax multi-activity socks


3 pack of moisture wicking midi socks with COOLMAX® fibres to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable when you’re riding, running or walking.

SALE: £16.99 Was: £21.99

Momentum merino sock


Merino 3 pack of anti-bacterial, odour resistant socks for extended time on your feet or on two wheels

SALE: £17.99 Was: £22.99

Rana waterproof sock with a full-length breathable membrane

Rana Waterproof

The most comfortable waterproof socks ever. With a full-length breathable membrane for year-round running, riding and general bogtrotting

SALE: £19.99 Was: £26.99

Trekkers mid-weight walking socks


Mid-weight trekkers. 2 pairs of COOLMAX® socks, for trekking, hiking, walking, and doing all kinds of awesome stuff.

SALE: £11.99 Was: £14.99

Heavy Weight Hiker mountaineering and trekking socks

Heavy Weight Hiker

Thick and warm boot-length trekking and mountaineering hiking sock that sit inside your classic hiking boot like a winter oasis for your feet.

SALE: £9.99 Was: £13.99

Heavy Weight Trekker mountaineering sock

Heavy Weight Trekker

AKA The Big Long Ones: 2 pack of full-length winter mountaineering walking socks for comfort and warmth from trail to summit.

SALE: £13.99 Was: £19.99

Kantju Trail running gaiter


Stretchy and breathable running gaiters for reducing blisters and hot spots when out on the trail

SALE: £15.99 Was: £19.99

Colca hiking and trekking gaiter in black


Waterproof and breathable high-cut gaiters for keeping out the elements and debris when hiking, trekking, and backpacking

SALE: £24.99 Was: £29.99

Aktif Trekker Sock Bundle

Double pack of foot mittens (aka socks) for hikers: ten whole socks!

£21.99 £26.98 if purchased separately

Aktif Akcelerate Sock Bundle

Double pack of foot mittens (aka socks) for runners: twelve whole socks!

£19.99 £25.48 if purchased separately

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