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Ever since we conceived Alpkit we have always aspired to be at the forefront of innovation within the outdoor industry. In 2007 we launched coLAB, an area of our website dedicated to innovation. We are excited to announce for 2013 we are re-launching coLAB to give end users, climbers, paddlers, walkers and bikers, an opportunity to give their ideas a leg up and get them into the public domain.


We have worked extremely hard to try and give Alpkit, an online company, the identity it has today. We believe this identity says to our customers we are human, we like the same things you do and we take the time to listen and respond to your comments, good or bad. We do all we can to ensure our products perform how we want them to, and back this up with unquestionable customer service. This hard work has paid off, we have won several awards and it is fair to say we have a loyal fan base as well a strong customer base.

We want to use this hard earned loyalty to give other like minded outdoor types a boost to help get their ideas to market. By using our website, e-commerce systems, warehouse operation, news and social media feeds to ensure every idea we accept gets the exposure it needs to hopefully become reality.


How many times have you sat down with a group of mates and someone pipes up with the comment... "what we need is a...". These comments are often dismissed by the next drink but some of these ideas might one day save a life. They just need an channel to help them become reality.

Over the years we have had numerous people contact us with ideas they think would be the perfect for Alpkit. Most are just quick scribbles, some are fully fledged design projects. Some people think we’ll pay big bucks for the idea, some just want to see their idea reality. The truth is we have pads filled with our own ideas (most variations on existing products) we would like to turn into products but there is only some much we can do. We are keen for coLAB to be a channel, a voice, for outdoor users with ideas and concepts to get them to market.

What's in it for me?

Well for a start, we’re not going to do the work for you. It’s your idea, it’s your baby, you are going to have to spend long evenings after a full day of work to refine things, just as we did when we started Alpkit. We’ll be there to give advice but we’re certainly not going to be a 24/7 helpline. You are going to need the get up and go if you are going to get your idea accepted. The idea is easy, getting it made isn’t that hard either... but letting people know about it, getting feedback and selling it, this turns a lightbulb moment into cash. Once we accept to host your product on coLAB, we’ll put your idea in front of thousands of early adopters in an instant. You can then use the opportunity to see if you can quit your day job and make a living from your idea.

Once the project has run its course on coLAB you can do what ever you want with your product, you own 100% of it! If it flys maybe we’ll negotiate to buy the rights to the product, maybe you’ll set up your own website and start your own business.

What's in it for Alpkit?

OK, we’re not doing this just for the love of it. We’re always looking for new ways to promote Alpkit, not only through our own channels such as Facebook and Twitter but other community led sites. With so many sites needing copy the more we can provide the further our reach becomes. Copy is everything now as advertising has evolved, yes we do buy advertising, but we’d rather spend money supporting innovation. Supporting new innovations will generate copy that we can use in our press releases and social media feeds. Hopefully you’ll help spread a little bit of Alpkit love when you promote your idea as well. We also look to cover any costs we incur through warehousing, card processing and postage fees from the retailing price of your product.

To patent or not patent?

First off let’s get real, a patent costs a lot of money to obtain, even more to defend! Your idea has to be completely original and more importantly defendable to make it worth even considering a patent in the first place. If you really think your idea has the legs to earn you a lot of money we advise that you seek further professional advice before submitting anything into the public domain. Before you submit anything to us please consider our design folders are full of ideas that haven’t yet made it into reality, we cannot guarantee one might be the same as your idea. We will treat all ideas with a degree of confidentiality but we shall not be held liable should we develop a similar product in the future or disclose anything concerning your submission.

We are not doing this to gain design ideas, we think we are pretty good at that already. coLAB is an experiment to get outdoor innovations to market. We believe Colabbers will be just keen to share and see their idea in the public domain. If you have any doubts about submitting anything to us seek advice first.


Please, please don’t go and spend your life savings on your idea thinking just by putting it on coLAB you’ll make your money back in weeks. Seek advice from far and wide before committing any money you cannot afford into a project. We cannot help with any funding of your project. However we are currently researching ways that funds could be raised for projects in the future. There are already some internet funding platform out there that might be worth looking at.

How do I get on board?

coLAB IS CURRENTLY ON A SOFT LAUNCH - we are not currently accepting any coLAB ideas. We are testing the systems, processes, etc with the Snow Saw Project. Once we are happy everything is working how it should, we will open the submission process to everyone. If you have any questions about your idea and coLAB, what you should do now?, please drop us an email and we’ll try and give you as much advice as possible.

We will treat all ideas with a degree of confidentiality but we shall not be held liable should we develop a similar product in the future or disclose anything concerning your submission.

coLAB Projects

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