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Kendal Mountain Festival 2016

By Ben Ritchie
16, Nov, 2016

Come say Hi at the festival and see shiny new kit

The Kendal mountain festival is this weekend and here at Alpkit we’re busy putting the finishing touches to the ‘Alpkit Alpine Refuge’, you'll be able to find us in the BaseCamp tent outside the Brewery Arts centre, (next to the bar, and speakers/films area).

Expect to see all of our new waterproof, down and synthetic insulating jackets, Bike luggage, cookware, waterproofs and loads more for you to poke and try on. 

Although we wont be able to sell any products at the show itself, we will be offering a 10% discount code to everyone who pops in to say ‘hello’ that you can use on Alpkit.com.   

There will also be the opportunity to win one of our new fantastic Phantac jackets. 

Whilst enjoying the festival there will also be a chance to catch some of our latest Mountain Journal’s and other short films over the weekend.

Expert advice, as always, will be available on all of our gear and what best to take on your next adventure. 

We are also pleased to be supporting the Outdoor Swimming Society’s Sunday morning ‘Outdoor Swim Session’, at the session we will be showing one of our mountain journals on the big screen, as well as showing off some of our new wetsuits alongside kit to keep you warm and dry when you’re out of the water. So whether you like to be warm and dry or cold and wet, we’ve got you covered!

Come and find us at the Basecamp next to the Brewery arts centre for a chat and to order some quality kit with some discount added too. 

See you there! 

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