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Yosemite Survival Guide and Big Wall Techniques

By Kenny Stocker | 09, Sep, 2011

Pete Rhodes has been a regular face in Yosemite racking up an impressive list of ascents on El Capitan including: The Nose under 12hrs, Tangerine Trip, North American Wall, Zodiac, Triple Direct, Salathe, New Dawn and Muir Wall solo. He knows his way around El Cap!

But this workshop will be much more than how to avoid bears and which bus to catch, Petes other travels on his quest for big wall adventures have taken him to Patagonia, Norway, Verdon, Lofoten and closer to home Sron Ulladale.

Petes course will help you plan, prepare and learn what it takes to get up your biggest climb ever. With an array of big wall climbing gear on hand he will show you what to do with it, what to leave at home and how to survive beyond the valley floor.

Petes workshop takes place on Saturday morning at the Big Shakeout.

More about Pete:
Big Wall Climbing Articles
Petes early solo adventures on The Scoop on Sron Ulladale
Climbing Cerro Catedral with George Ullrich and Mason Earle (featured at Kendal Mountain Festival in 2010)

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