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Xmas 15 Treasure hunt

By Col
18, Dec, 2015

The elves are out and about planting some goodie vouchers around the country.

After the fun and games we had for our Easter treasure hunt, we thought it would be a good oppurtunity to give it another go in this festive season. We have got our Alpelves running around the UK finding some devious spots to hide some £50 Alpkit Goodie Vouchers.

From Christmas Eve to New Years Day we will be announcing the co-ordinates of each of the 6 treasure spots in turn, so keep a sharp eye out each day. The hidden spot will be revealed across our social network sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, plus we'll be updating this page too.

Then it's down to you to head off and find it. When you find an AGV don't forget to celebrate by sharing a pic so we know you've done it!  #alpkit #alpkittreasure #goniceplacesdogoodthings

May you enjoy the festivities, whatever you're doing.

Treasure 1: FOUND!

Treasure 2: SH 63781 47355, Lat: 53*, 0', 22.035", Long: -4*, 1', 53.641"   FOUND!

Treasure 3: NN 981958

Treasure 4: FOUND!

Treasure 5: 50º58’44N -00º58’47W FOUND!

Treasure 6: It's the 6th and final goodie voucher location! NY 319350 FOUND!

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