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Tom Seipp film wins

By Col
23, Nov, 2016

Film portrait of young Tom scoops a gong for Dom Bush at Kendal Mountain Festival

There we were amongst all the glitterati of outdoor folk at Kendal Mountain Festival, sneaking around keeping out the way and minding our own business, then all of a sudden Dom only had to go and win an award for a film he made for us. Well...  whilst all that fame might go to his head we intend to keep our feet firmly on the ground... woohoo!!

But in all seriousness we've known Dom Bush a while now and it was an absolute pleasure to see him win this year. Having had films screened at Kendal for the last few years Dom has always been well regarded within the scene, so it was a delight to see him recognised a little more formally. With an approach that is focused often on the more moving, thoughtful and human portrayal of lives and their connections to the outdoors, it was also a simple decision on who to turn to when we were looking to commission a series of short films that explored personal stories of particular individuals and their love for the outdoors. 

In creating the first series of Mountain Journal Shorts we have had the pleasure of meeting some truly passionate and inspiring people, all of who have a deep personal connection to places and activities outside. 

We came across one young chap, Tom Seipp, when he and his dad were planning to ride the Tour Divide and needed a tandem. Well we knew they were really laying down some training and so we initially sent Dom along to film them up at the Strathpuffer 24 hour race and what soon became obvious just how unstoppable these two were. As part of this father and son team, the enthusiasm is captured wonderfully in this charming portrait of Tom and the understated but deep drive of youth to just be out having fun. 

If you've not already, then it would be awesome if you wanted to take some time to watch the first 6 Mountain Journal Shorts that Dom created for us, it only adds up to about 30 minutes of your time, but hopefully you'll appreciate the beauty of why people feel so passionate about just being able to get outdoors.  

Mountain Journal Shorts. Watch all 6 now >>

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