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The long awaited Airic camping mat delivery

By Kenny Stocker | 16, Jul, 2012

School's nearly over! The Great British "summer" has begun and with the amount of exciting events all over the country, we can't wait to get out of the office and camp.

If you are after something light enough to carry half way across the country to that mudfest musical festival you've been waiting for, for maximum comfort that won't be left behind in the car, checkout the Airo 180 or Base 180, full length comfort and lightweight in a small package. It's always been said good things come in small packages!

Not bothered about size and weight just need that at home comfort, are you on an important Alpine mission and need your rest? Without breaking the luggage limit, but offering superb comfort and support in your canvas home from home, you'll want the Dirtbag or Wideboy mat. With enough depth to stop even the fussiest princess from feeling a lump but light enough you could carry it around on your pack for months.

But are you wanting the ultimate in glamping accessories, the Airic mat that is the cool looking lovechild of Fat Airic? It's big, it's heavy but smaller than those useless air beds - coming back onto our shelves is the original, non-slip coated, soft exterior and dream inducing comfort of the Dozer.

For lightweight fans the Airo 120 and Numoare also back.

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