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The Climbing Unit update

By Col
04, Feb, 2014

Dan sends us through an update on how work is going down at The Climbing Unit in Derby

We have been following Dan Bradley and his team as they work flat out down at his new climbing wall project in Derby. We called for an update on proceedings and he let us in on how work's been going. 

"So we are looking to open The Climbing Unit second week of March, this is slightly later than initialy thought due to expanding more than planned. In truth we have just got a little too carried away and think the people of Derby deserve bigger and better than what we were originally planning, so we’ve gone large with a rather imposing roof. This is however a little bit of engineering genius and so taking a little while to get perfect!

From the start we have tried to stay as carbon friendly as possible during the build, from sourcing everything locally, installing LED lighting throughout the main arena of the unit, through to recycling materials from the original building and reusing these within our build. We had nearly 170 tons of breezeblocks to depart with, but it's amazing how many walls you can build when you need to.
Anyway this little project we have going on should be amazing when complete, it won’t be too long before we are open to the public and turning normal people into climbing gods."

This is an exciting time for Dan, so we wish him and his partners plenty of success as they crack on to the finish line. We're certainly looking forward to seeing the end result and it should offer another choice of premier climbing venue for the East Midlands/Peak District area. You can keep up to date across at the Climbing Unit facebook page.

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