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The Bantham Swoosh

By Col
21, May, 2015

Swoosh along an estuary with the Outdoor Swimming Society.

We are delighted to be collaborating with the Outdoor Swimming society this year at a number of events and with the launch of our new Lotic wetsuit there's no stopping us taking on the more adventurous side of open water swimming 

Well to kick things off, of all the places to take your Lotic wetsuit we can think of none better than the Bantham Swoosh, a 6km swim on the Aune Estuary in Devon on Sunday 5th July. Unique features of this event from the Outdoor Swimming Society include a sandy shallow estuary, which give a fish eye view of the estuary bed, and a 'swoosh' at the end, which gives you the bonus of swimming up to four times faster - with no extra training.

'A combination of tidal flow and narrow estuary mouth mean the closer you get to the end of the swim, the faster you go - the last section feels a little like flying over a lunar landscape as the underwater scenery wooshes past you,' says OSS director and author of Wild Swim Kate Rew. (Well anything to make swimming easier sounds good to us)

Entries to the Bantham Swoosh close on 15th June. Enter now. The swim is not a race and acclimatised swimmers can swim without a wetsuit.  
For other great day trip ideas, visit the OSS wild swim map, with thousands of possible swim spots, or pick up a copy of Wild Swim from our bookshelf. 

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