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The Adventurists

By Kenny Stocker | 30, Aug, 2012

We are thrilled that The Adventurists have confirmed they will be joining us at this years Shakeout. We first got in contact with them when our very own Johnny P got obsessed with the Mongol Rally. He formed team Mongoliando with his wife Lina, purchased the Silver Streak and they were off on their very own adventure. Their mission is to make the world a little less ordinary, and they organise events such as the Mongol Rally, Ice Run, Mongol Derby and the Rickshaw Run.

Having invited them there was really only one place we could put them and that is the yurt. We are really looking forward to seeing how the Adventurists are going to make this space their own and lead us through a whistle stop tour of some of their adventures. They will be coming along with a load of maps and putting on a couple of films and lectures during the evening. Be prepared to cut new edges in your maps, break your GPS' and set forth.

For more about the Adventurists check out their fantastic home on the web. It is a great resource and an inspiration when you are tied down to your desk. Here is a little video to watch on your tea break..

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