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That wheelchair for Alicia

By Col
19, Sep, 2019

Opening up the opportunity to explore the outdoors a little easier.

Sometimes you get an email in that just stretches that smile right out across your face and makes your heart soar.
Nearly two years ago the Alpkit Foundation put in a little helping hand to raise money for a off road wheel chair for 18 year old Alicia, so she and her family could get outdoors, stroll down the beach, explore a woodland path, or head out to the hills. It's something that is incredibly important, no matter what your circumstances. 

Back then Neil got in touch with the Alpkit Foundation when he was driving the fundraising efforts on behalf of the family. You can read more about her story here.  

Of course there was still plenty of hard work to do and plenty more dedicated fundraising to raise enough to buy the chair. Well it was fantastic to hear that at the end of 2018 they finally did it. They got that wheel chair for Alicia.
Unfortunately with a downturn in health Alicia couldn't get straight out to enjoy it. However we are really delighted to find out that recently she finally was able to get out and give it a good spin, which is why Neil got back in touch with us to let us know the great news. "She loves the chair and it has enabled her parents to take her to places they’d never have been able to in her old wheelchair. This has enriched the lives of the whole family"

Now that is pretty cool and just shows how much can be gained from that access to the outdoors, even if it is something as seemingly simple as getting onto the beach. We really hope that Alicia and her family get to experience some joyful and exciting new trails outdoors!

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Kenny Christie
Nice thing!

This is why I'm happy to keep buying Alpkit stuff, nice work Alicia! smile

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