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TGO Best Online Retailer of the Year

By Kenny Stocker | 19, Nov, 2012


Last Wednesday we headed up to Kendal for the TGO readers awards ceremony. We have been nominated for awards before, even won a couple, but we have always felt a little bit embarrassed about shouting about them or indeed asking people to vote for us. Our strategy would be to pretty much put our heads in the sand and hope no one had noticed.

Well this year we threw away those inhibitions, got involved and had a whole lot of fun in the process. We had some great feedback, lots of encouraging messages and got more inspired to do things even better.

The 'ceremony' itself was a great opportunity to meet up with friends, ex colleagues (after all the outdoor industry is a small world), and congratulate people you admire and respect.

Obviously we were right chuffed to walk away with the Best Online Retailer of the Year award, but this isn't an award for technology, it is for the people answering phone calls and emails, making sure goodies get sent out as quickly as possible throughout the year and holding their hands up when things go wrong.

Thanks for voting for us.

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