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Some stock arrived last month!

By Izzy Bolger | 29, Aug, 2012

August was wicked, loads of rain, a little bit of wind - but some realy cool days out. We went paddling, climbing, lit a few fires and had a few coffees. Luckily a few boats got through and some deliveries of stock have arrived at Alpkit Global HQ. We first received a shipment of our Gourdon Rucksack and Airlok Xtra dry bags in some new colours including a bike safe fluoro yellow! We also got our old favourite the reliable Rig [7] lightweight nylon tarp just in time for the Wilderness Gathering event - after a few pitching demonstratons and sleeping out under the stars, it was a lovely summery weekend.

Aqua Wallitsin four new colours graced our shelves - followed swiftly by the Skyehigh goosedown sleeping bags in short, regular and long lengths.

So we have everything ready for a cold crisp Autumn and enough stuff to keep everything dry, even if the weather does stay a bit damp. Next month we are awaiting Mytimugs, Mytipots, Myticups and the Hunka Bivi Bag - just in time to get out before it gets too chilly. Have fun in September.

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