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So what is adventure?

By Alpkit
18, Jan, 2019

Alpkiteer Anna Wells posed herself the question and asked some fiends to help find the answer

After qualifying as a doctor and trying to settle into her new career Anna found it a constant battle to settle properly. After a couple of years she took a summer out to think, realising that sometimes everything is not Picture Perfect. "It's kind of hard to accept after 11 years investment that maybe its not the right future, both from a personal feeling of failure and a sense I am letting down family and others that supported me. How far should you push something when it's making you so unhappy?"

During her step back from medicine Anna's had a active year between Scotland and the Alps, focusing on her deep passion of the mountains.

Pulling together some of her own experiences along with the help from her outdoor friends, she made this short film for the BMC Women in Adventure film competition. She asks the question; What is Adventure?

Watch the film

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A Toddlers Perspective

I love this video, a great ode to adventure.

I thought I'd pose the same question to my 2 year old. Find out his answer in our blog:


Shameless plug I know, but worth a shot wink

Designed for Adventure

Adventure isn't just something that we do or something that we go on, it is in the very essence of our design, it runs through the fabric that we're made from. The more that we embrace adventure the stronger that fabric becomes, the more that we become who we were designed to be.

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