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Shakeout with some Rude Health Porridge

By Col | 17, Sep, 2012

My mouth is watering just looking at this pic and we must admit to enjoying the odd bowl of porridge now and again, whether that's with a drizzzle of runny honey, slices of bannana, or a simple pinch of salt. Well, whatever floats your boat in terms of toppings, what better way to start the Big Shakeout day than with a helping of fine porridge?

We're delighted to have those nice folks over at Rude Health coming along serving up some free porridge in the mornings. They will be handing out some of their yummy porridge with a selction of delicious toppings to help kick start your day of outdoor adventure. As they rightly say themselves...breakfast like a king, then just go for it. So come along and join us for the weekend, eat a decent breakfast and then get out there and do something awesome!

Check out their site for information on their range of muesli, porridge, granola and cereals and stay in rude health

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