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ROCfest 2013

By Col
04, Feb, 2013

A busy RockOver climbing wall, Manchester hosts ROCfest 2013

2/2/2013 saw the annual ROCfest competition at Rock Over Climbing in Manchester. Alpkit went along with a team to check it out.

Billy Ridal, Gracie Martin, Tom Newman and Ben Meakin made up Team Alpkit competing in a very vibrant and energetic venue. Billy went early in the juniors and just missed out on the final. 

Amongst the open Tom made it through into a strong final with Ned Feehally, Dave Barrans, James Garden, John Partridge and Nathan Phillips fighting it out.  Ned came out on top followed in 2nd by James Garden and Tom finishing in 3rd. (not 4th as may have been indicated prior by us... ooops, sorry Tom!)

An equally strong lineup in the women's saw Alex Puccio take top spot ahead of Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Tara Hayes, Leah Crane, Diane Merrick and Naomi Buys.

Full results are up on the RockOver site. There are more photos of the Alpkit team in action or watch the official video from the competition. 


ROCfest 2013 Highlights from Sebastian Narbutas on Vimeo.

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