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President Kennedy School

By Alpkit
01, Mar, 2016

Helping to train staff so pupils can undertake the Duke of Edinburgh award

The Alpkit Foundation is proudly supporting President Kennedy School in Coventry. The school has recently established a Duke of Edinburgh Group within the school, and would like 5 members of staff to undertake First Aid training. This training will ensure the safety of participants and leaders alike, whilst allowing the school to continue to grow as a successful Duke of Edinburgh provider.

Richard, from President Kennedy School, explains why this project needs help from The Alpkit Foundation. “As a new group, we are having to start from scratch and the catchment area for our school means that many of our participants are from a disadvantaged background. Therefore, we have allocated our initial budget to ensure the students are not having to buy equipment. We currently do not have any funds available for external training, which will hamper the support and progress we can give to participants as they progress through the Silver and Gold Levels.”

Currently, the Bronze award has 25 participants. Richard is hoping that after Easter 2016, this number will double to 50. With help from the Alpkit Foundation, it is hoped the number of participants will continue to grow. 

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