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Phud puts on the pounds

By AK Admin | 19, Jan, 2006

Phud may be our first bouldering mat but it has already gained a strong following amongst UK boulderers. Recently though his oil based diet of foam and rubber has taken its toll and we’ve noticed Phud’s been putting on the pounds and so it is with regret we have had to increase the price of Phud to £70. (This still includes postage & packaging).

We have seen 3 price increases in foam since we launched Phud a year ago. The price of the fabric has also increased and we are expecting a manufacturing increase later this month. Rather than put Phud production on hold until we can source him overseas, we feel Phud still represents a great value mat. We have managed to source a new strap that can now be worn as rucksack strap as well as shoulder strap to help increase his appeal. Although we are trying to source an oriental Phud (expected June ‘06), we plan to keep the British made version running alongside it so you can choose which version you want.

Alpkit has the competitive edge over the majority of outdoor companies meaning we can launch new products quickly and we strive to offer customers the best price we can. However sometimes this means we may have alter our pricing more often. We will be publishing more on this subject later.

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