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Paul Errington joins the Alpkit team

By alpjim | 21, Apr, 2009

When we put our faces above the parapet and go unplugged we often receive many offers from people to support them and their adventures. Many fail our strict selection criteria but every now again someone pops up who is a little different. This is certainly the case with Paul Errington. After meeting with him and his bike sponsors Genesis at the Outdoors Show we knew these guys weren’t just another race team. The modern face of mountain biking is all about bounce, pads, trail centres and convenience. Paul and Genesis are really looking to put the adventure back into biking and this philosophy sits perfectly with Alpkit. Paul has some very exciting plans for 09/10 and we will be supporting Paul’s adventures with goodies to make his life more comfortable whilst he signs up to be a ‘student of pain’.

You can read more about his adventures at his personal blog site Shoestring Racing or here at Alpkit. Genesis bikes will also be at the Big Shake Out weekend in May with a full demo fleet.

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