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New T-Shirts Now On Sale

By Gracie Martin
11, Jul, 2013

Our new t-shirt range, designed by staff, is now online.

Summer has finally arrived and so have three t-shirts in our new range!  Its time to freshen up your wardrobes, recycle your tatty old tees and get up to date and trendy with our new designs. 

A few of our staff like to think they are fashion experts, so we decided to test their skills and set them the challenge of coming up with their own t-shirt design.  Now the first three have arrived, and more will follow over the coming week.  The question is: Of the first few who’s will come out on top?  Is it Nick’s Stanage polytechnic?  Ben’s Gear up?  Or Izzy’s Alpkit in Bloom?  Only you can decide!      

There's only so much room in our t-shirt draw, so In order to make way for our fresh new t-shirts we've had a bit of a rummage through and so you will now find a few of our older designs going for £10 in the clearancesection of our website.

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