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New outdoor festival for Wales

By Kenny Stocker
03, Oct, 2013

FLO is a new outdoor sports festival coming to Llangollen this November including climbing, canoeing, walking and cycling.

There is a new outdoor sports festival about to hit North Wales. It is called FLO and takes place in Llangollen on the 15-17th November. We have just had our own festival so why you may ask are we shouting about this? Well it is organised by the team at River Legacy who have helped us in various guises over the years with the Big Shakeout.

The event aims to encapture many facets of outdoor sports including the first ever Extreme Slalom in Llangollen, home of the first ever slalom. There will also be stuff to do around the event, music in the town with its own fringe festival and guest speakers which include Eric Boomer all the way from the USA, Adele Pennington the first British woman to summit Everest twice and Llangollen grown kayaking coach Chris Eastabrook.

We are getting involved in the event by sponsoring a formal dinner in the main Royal Pavilion with an amazing (secret) guest speaker. You can enquire for table bookings via the e-mail address on the FLO website. A three course dinner for a table of eight is just £25 per head and will hopefully be a night to remember! And for you die hards after that you can go down to the FLO Active site for the wee small hours.

 Don’t miss out on early booking deals, visit the official FLO website.

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