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By Talyn Williams
28, Jun, 2019

Educating students on the importance of our Moorlands and how to protect them

The Peak District has always been one of our favourite playgrounds for adventure. It's close by and offers a plethora of opportunity for any budding outdoor enthusiast with seemingly endless crags, trails and rivers. We even opened our first store in Hathersage so we could be even closer to our favourite haunts.

Much of the Peak District is covered by vast open Moorland that's home to all kinds of wildlife, but with the pressures of increaed tourism we're seeing less wildlife, more erosion and even fires caused unknowingly by things such as mis-used BBQ's. 

It's becoming ever more important to take care of our outdoor spaces and use them responsibly, this is why Slaithwaite Junior and Infant School are wanting to take pupils to see Moors for the Future for a bit of learning about our amazing moorlands. Paula Cherrington got in touch with us at the Alpkit Foundation about the project, and we're happy to be providing support to make sure they have the means to get the students there and back again so that they can benefit from this fantastic educational programme.

Paula told us more about the project,

"We want to take pupils out to Marsden Moor estate to meet the youth engagement officer from Moors for the Future and take part in activities designed round learning about moorland habitats and why they are important on a number of levels. It will help our pupils have an understanding of this special habitat; the species that live here and also how it benefits them in their day-to-day lives. It will also help to educate them about fire risk on moorlands and responsible behaviour from those visiting the area can reduce the occurrence of fires." - Paula Cherrington, Slaithwaite J and I School

Moors for the Future specialise in moorland conservation, research, monitoring and raising awareness about the importance of our moorlands. They offer detailed information about how to enjoy the moors responsibly and for anyone wanting to find out any moor, we recommend you head over to their website to brush up on your moorland etiquette.

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