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Lost Climbers Against Cancer T-shirts

By Kenny Stocker
04, Oct, 2013

Lost Climbers Against Cancer T-shirts - CityLink folk can you help?

On Thursday 25th September a box of 60 CAC t-shirts was collected by a CityLink driver from Select Embroidery Services in Accrington for delivery to our Big Shakeout event at Thornbridge Outdoors DE45 1NY last weekend. Unfortunately the parcel never arrived, missing in action. We have put in a claim but we can only claim back the delivery fee, not the value of the goods. Normally we wouldn't make a big deal about a missing box, we know mistakes happen and we suck it up, but this box has a value that far exceeds the value of the goods, it carries the hopes of so many individuals. This box must be sitting somewhere in the back of a CityLink depot. If you work for CityLink, or you know someone who does please pass on this message and spare a little time over the next couple of days to look out for this box.

The best possible outcome is that we locate the missing box, we sell the tees and help support the Campaign Against Cancer.

Cheers Kenny.

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