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Lands End to John O’Groats on a board

By Col | 09, May, 2013

We've been more used to catching Pete Rhodes up a big wall, whether in Patagonia, Yosemite or a solo attempt of Troll Wall, now from Sunday he'll be on SkateLeJog duty as he starts longboarding the 900 miles from Lands End to John O'Groats with brother Mark in an attempt to break the existing skateboard record of 21 days.

He's taken 3 weeks off work, so the quicker they do it the more he can enjoy his holiday! So if you see them out on the road make sure you cheer them on their way. 

Their route... South coast to Exeter, Bristol, then up to Runcorn bridge, Preston, Penrith, Forth road bridge, Aviemore, Inverness then the east coast.

Pete's set with visible Gourdon 25nbsp;"Fully packed! Pack weight 4kg plus food and water. Clothing 2.5kg inc shoes helmet and map. Board 5.5kg inc sleeping bag. Total 12kg plus food and water. I think that could be worse! Sunday here we come!!"

Alongside this holiday they are also hoping to raise some money for the North Air Ambulance. 

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