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James Shaw - Top Ten Result in Junior National Championships

By Jay Oram | 14, Jun, 2013

James Shaw 7th at Junior National Champs

After his first week at Alpkit HQ, James mentioned he had a race at the weekend and it was quite a big one. Now we knew he was quite good and was a road cyclist, we had heard rumours that he was quite quick as well - little did we know it was the Junior National Championships that weekend.

This road race up in Cumbria took place on a gruelling seven laps totalling 112km! It came down to a lead group of 18 that split on the very last lap, with 5 getting away from the main group. James was in the chasing group and managed a 7th place finish.

James casually arrived on Monday morning on his bike and nonchalantly mentioned in the Monday morning meeting when we were chatting about weekend adventures his result!

Results Courtesy of British Cycling:

1 Christopher Lawless Kuota - Spinergy - GSG
2 Gabriel Cullaigh RST Racing Team @ 4 seconds
3 Tao Geoghegan Hart Cycling Club Hackney @ 7 seconds
4 Matthew Gibson Velocity WD-40 @ 8 seconds
5 Scott Davies Liverpool Mercury @ 9 seconds
6 Tristan Robbins Cardiff JIF @ 40 seconds
7 James Shaw Forme Bikes UK @same time
8 James Knox Champion System/Maxgear/Base @ 42 seconds
9 Harry Franklin Team De ver @same time
10 Ben Chapman Team Corley Cycles @same time

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