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Introducing CoLab

By Kenny Stocker | 18, Jul, 2007

All of us here at Alpkit have been through some kind of design training. We studied because we had little ideas that we thought would be cool to turn in to reality. Typically the summer is the time of design shows, graduating students, champagne dinners and such like. It can be pretty nerve racking but these events create a buzz and a focal point for launching new ideas and careers. Little ideas grow in to bigger ideas and before you know it you are running a business and turning those ideas in to real products. We love the process of design and making things and we know a lot of our customers feel the same. Knowing this we thought up a plan, and while we can't give you all a desk at Alpkit HQ we can give you a platform to show your little ideas.
During the summer, while you are all out in the hills having a good time, we will be refining this idea. If all goes to 'plan' we expect everything to come in to place by the end of the summer.

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