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Supporting In the Frame

By alpjim | 21, May, 2013

We are proud to support a new project by Joe Beaumont and Dom Bush.

We've known Dom Bush for a long time and have a hugh amount of respect for his work and jumped at the chance when he asked us if we would like to support a new film project he was embarking on called In The Frame. The documentary will follow the journey of Joe Beaumont as he undertakes the biggest physical adventure challenge of his life. With his Llizarov frame still attached to his leg he'll undertake a 450 mile journey, starting from Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire at 2.4 m below sea level to the highest point in the UK, Ben Nevis.

We are not a company who are happy to just hand over a few samples pieces of gear and watch our logo scroll past on the credits, so Dom and Joe agreed to come over to meet us, to discuss the film and see how we could be involved. Sipping coffee, crunching hobnobs, bouncing ideas about, Joe was as psyched as any of us about the project. His drive and enthusiasm were infectious, a true adventure junkie. An hour or so into the meeting Dom played us a short film, a moving piece that introduced Joe the everyday challenges he faces and some of the reasons for undertaking this challenge. Whilst watching it hit us… this "project" it's Joe's life. He's living it, day in, day out.

Up until a hour ago we had not even met Joe, we certainly hadn't signed up to this project to help him. Until this point it had all been about increasing the exposure of our brand. After a heart felt discussion we realised this challenge is another step in Joe's rehabilitation. The challenge and all of its elements allow him to focus his energies towards it and distract him from the everyday realities of the recovery from his accident. He has taken the cards he was dealt and handed them back to the dealer. He'll never be able to do everything he could before the accident but he'll give it a bloody good go and one's thing for sure he'll inspire others. We are immensely proud to be part of this stimulating project.

UPDATE: You can now watch the full film here:

Joe has set up a Facebook group that we would urge you to check out.

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