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Hexthorpe Social Enterprise CIC

By Alpkit
26, Jul, 2016

Hexthorpe Social Enterprise CIC would like to get more families outdoors, to reinforce and strengthen bonds in families who are experiencing difficulty and financial barriers

Hexthorpe Social Enterprise C.I.C. are the latest to receive funding from the Alpkit Foundation. They are a not-for-profit, community interest organisation based in Hexthorpe, Doncaster. As with many other urban areas, the community faces some social and economic issues. Hexthorpe Social Enterprise plan to address these issues, and give families who are restricted financially the opportunity to take part in camping and outdoor activities. 

As part of their Families Together project, they are providing a 1 night / 2 day camping excursion for families who have never camped before. Hexthorpe Social Enterprise do not charge for this, and provide free food and equipment. In addition, outdoor activities are organised for the families to participate in. It is hoped that by offering them the opportunity to take part in this project, family bonds will be reinforced and strengthened.  

Stuart, from the organisation, explains why this project is so important. “We want to offer families the experience of camping and outdoor activities as a means of addressing issues they may be experiencing as a family. I drew up the proposal for this project because I lost my late father who was a serving soldier in the British Army when I was 10yrs old. I went off the rails until my 20’s as a result. I was written off as a bad child and my mum struggled with me a lot. I want to assist other families that may be experiencing similar issues. I feel it’s important that families get time out to spend time together and to share experiences together.”

Hexthorpe Social Enterprise do have some equipment already, however more is needed in order for families to participate cost free. The Alpkit Foundation will therefore provide funding toward the cost of equipment such as cookware and sleeping bags. 

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Cath Prisk
Fantastic to hear about this!

Great to hear about this initiative, I'm a social enterprise based in Hackney East London doing a similar thing, we have our first family camping holiday in two weeks which has been 2 years in planning and fund raising... be great to be in contact with more folks working to get children and families into the great outdoors!

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