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Supporting Netherhall School

By Alpkit
29, Jun, 2016

Despite being only 10 miles from the Lake District National park, many students are unaware of it's potential. With the help of the Duke of Edinburgh award and the Alpkit Foundation, they're hoping this will change

The Alpkit Foundation is delighted to support Netherhall School in Maryport, Cumbria. 18 months ago, a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme was established within the school. Last year there were 6 pupils successfully completing the bronze award. This year however, participation has grown exponentially and as a result, there is now pressure on kit, resources and funding. 

Richard tells us why the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme is particularly important to Netherhall School. “We are located on the west coast of Cumbria, 10 miles outside of the Lake District national park. Despite this fact, many of our students are unaware of its potential and what the Park has to offer. Allerdale (our borough) is one of the most obese areas of the U.K. Additionally, several students are also from a deprived background. The award for me offers a range of opportunities and experiences - both the expedition and skill section. I want to be able to get more students out climbing, canoeing and walking. Available equipment and qualifications of my colleagues is holding us back.”

The Alpkit Foundation will provide funding to help Netherhall School purchase climbing gear and a canoe trailer. 

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