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The Ashdown Centre’s Outdoor Adventure

By Hati Whiteley
20, Jun, 2017

Challenging and adventurous activity day for young people with special needs and disabilities.

We all remember the excitement of piling into the school mini-van, our mum’s car, or the bus, ready and raring to go to nice places and to do good things. Those were the days that shaped us, the days that helped us find a new passion or discover an unknown skill. They were days that we probably took for granted at the time, but without them we wouldn’t be the swashbuckling adventurers we are today.

What we didn’t tend to think about is the money part. That was something for our parents, our teachers, or our youth leaders to think about. It’s actually something that teachers and parents of young people with special needs and disabilities have to think about quite a lot as it costs 3 times more than the national average to raise a child with special needs or a disability.

Earlier in the year, the Alpkit Foundation received a funding application from Guild Care, the organisation behind the Ashdown Centre, which provides stimulating respite for the families of children and young people with special needs and disabilities.

The centre was raising funds to take 12 young people with disabilities and special needs to the Lodge Hill Centre, an activity centre with the capacity and expertise to run activities such as Zip Wires, Snow Tubing, Crate Stacking, and Terrain Hoppers with young people with disabilities. (We didn’t know what Snow Tubing was either, so we looked on the , like them on Twitter.

The Alpkit Foundation supports projects that enable people to overcome the obstacles preventing them from Going Nice Places and Doing Good Things. 

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