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Get inspired by GoPro at Alpkit

By Jay Oram | 31, May, 2013

GoPro has revolutionised the world of extreme sports film making and we now stock it.

There is no doubt that GoPro has revolutionised the world of extreme sports film making so it is fitting that GoPro has just taken a more prominent position in our showroom.

We have the Black and Silver edition Hero3 for sale, as well as a ton of accessories all on a shiny new stand with a thin LCD screen showcasing the best of GoPro film making! The trip to the kitchen has just got a whole lot more interesting!

Just like you we’ve been shredding the hills, boating some amazing whitewater and being generally extreme, but up until now all we had to show for it was shaky iPhone movie footage or still pictures. Now with our very own GoPro we can get out and capture all the fun. We don’t mind being the guinea pigs and if Jay has to go boating, Kenny has to cycle and Ben has to go out and boulder in the sun then we will gladly get some testing in to help our customers out.

Drop us a call to chat Mounts - Cables - Batteries - Touch Screen BacPacs- WiFi Remotes and Tarp Surfing, pop in to the showroom or order direct from our website.

Check out all the bits on the GoPro Shop Page/p>

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