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FixeRoca Siurana rope tested

By Col
04, Sep, 2015

Ramon Marin gives the rope a real testing across a variety of climbing styles

Siurana 9.6. "A versatile 9.6mm 60m rope with minimal weight and a soft touch to give incredible handling... and for winter months every filament of the sheath and core is dry treated to prevent icing up, making it easier to handle" Well we wanted to put it out there for a proper testing and who better than the super pshyced Alpkiteer Ramon Marin. 

OK so it may not be a totally independent test, but we know Ramon would say it as it is and give us some honest feedback, plus we knew he was planning on heading out to Helmken Falls for a shot at Spray On, so what a test that would be. "I wanted a rope that I could do everything, onsight, redpoint, ice climbing, drytooling, mixed climbing and even straight cracks on trad. So since last October I've been putting this baby to the test. And I mean to a real battering of all sorts. Muddy and dusty tooling crags, jummaring, bolting, taking lots of falls..."

After starting the partnership in the quarries of the UK, it moved to Canada where "the poor thing saw all sort of abuse, and we didn't have a rope bag either. We used in ice and snow all the time and never got wet or frozen once. Again, it was still fairly new so the Full Dry treatment was still in good condition.. one day we were bolting a new route in the Icefields Parkway and we left the rope hanging over the icefall overnight. I was expecting having to jumar a frozen cable the morning after, but the rope was just as dry as we left it. Pretty impressive.." 

Despite Spray On being out of condition, Ramon managed an ascent of Canadas hardest mixed route, Steel Koan M13+ before heading for a summer of constant action in the UK and Ireland. 

8 months on, after ice, rock and 'sea scum' Ramon sums it up "All over the summer the rope has been performing really well. But over the bank holiday it started to show sign of serious wear. Three intense days at The Diamond with lots of falls, sea salt (stashing the rope overnight on a sea cliff is perhaps not a good idea) and two days of mud at Devils' Gorge finally saw this excellent rope show the end of its peak performance. The FixeRoca Siurana has exceeded my expectations" Well that's a compliment to the rope in our books. 

For the full journey of the rope, his thoughts and some more pics then visit his blog

Check out the full range of FixeRoca ropes, from half length trekking, solid work horses, well priced intro and top end lightweight and dry treated.   Oh and the Rainbow rope of course!

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