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Filo 5 colours

By Kenny Stocker | 01, Nov, 2012

We are well aware that it is getting chilly, and even though our woodchip burner keeps us toasty warm during the day, we are not shy about reaching straight for our Filos as we leave Alpkit HQ. It is our priority to get Filo back in stock as soon as possible so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter or news page for announcements through the month. 

This year's model will have some small but essential design tweaks. We have used a slightly heavier fabric to make it more durable.. and it will come as no shock to learn it is also less susceptable to static build up.. We have gone back to a YKK Vislon zip.. this is the beefier plastic zip which is easier to zip than the coil zip used last year. The hood also has some subtle changes to help prevent it riding up from the collar at the front with jelly bean cord locks.

We have been a bit braver with the colours this year, we hope you like some of the juicier ones but we have also kept some safe options in there as well wink

There is a price rise, but that is not due to our changes. Through increased fabric and down costs last years Filo would have cost 25% more, all we have tried to do is make sure we have added as much thought and expertise as we could to justify the price increase.

Filo will be available once again as mens down jacket and womens down jacketversions.

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