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Expert Panel announced

By Kenny Stocker | 27, Nov, 2007

As you have all been beaving away coming up with ideas for our competition we've been twisting some arms, dishing out some dead legs and administrating some chinese burns.. well not really on the whole we have just been trying to get hold of some very busy people and hoping that they would agree to spending some time going through your great ideas. Ok, first up and in alphabetical order:

Leo Houlding - Proven to be one of the UKs climbing and extreme sports stars. Some might say he has got one of the best jobs in the country, but as with all jobs there's a down side, we haven't quite worked out what that is though. More about Leo.

Andy Kirkpatrick - He knows a lot about gear and the way stuff works. He is also willing to test this stuff in some really really harsh environments. His recent trip to Patagonia saw him use his Ridgerest as a lilo, this is gear testing in the extreme. He is also one of the funniest men alive. More about Andy.

Dr Mark Taylor - If anyone has been lucky enough to spend a little time in the Labs of Leeds Uni. then you will have seen Mark spinning some dials, applying some kind of force to something and generally trying to break stuff. Mark is also a keen caver and mountian biker. More about Mark.

Graham Thompson - GT is quite possibly the best known gear tester in the UK, and deserves credit in putting science behind the testing. Choose any day of the year and you will find Graham somewhere in The Lakes testing a pair of boots or someones latest waterproof. More about Graham.

The ultimate role of the panel will be to short list the 9 entries that will take part in the 2008 Outdoors Show at the NEC.

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