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End of season sale

By Nick | 31, Aug, 2012

Alpkit is known for offering no nonsense kit at great prices. We don't discount much, as we know how annoying it is to buy something and then find it 25% off on another website, this year we can't avoid it.
It's been a tough year for many retailers, ourselves included. So summer's pretty much over and we have a warehouse full of mats and tents that any other year we would of sold out of.

Discounts range from 25% to 60% and more items will get added throughout the week so keep checking back. There is a range of other stuff that we wouldn't normally discount but hey if you going to have a sale you might as well have a proper one. Just a few days, proper discounts and we'll still write you a handwritten note as our legendary service comes free. 

The saleends 10th September 2.00pm.

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