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Embrace the Darkness

By Kenny Stocker
24, Oct, 2014

We have 5 sets of Indigo and Glowe torches to give away. Share photos of your night time adventures for a chance of winning.

Share your photos of your night time adventures - featuring Alpkit products of course - on Instagram for a chance of winning a set of Indigo and Glowe torches. We have 5 to give away.

If you are struggling for inspiration revisit our Embrace the Darkness article from last year. We had some great ideas ranging from spooky pumpkin trails to night bouldering or committing to an after work bivvy.

Entering is easy, just tag your pics #alpkit #alpkitdark so that we can see them! You have until the 28th November.

For more Alpkit imagery visit our little corner of Instagram.

What’s that you could win? Compact and lightweight the Indigo is an ideal first head torch or a reliable back up. The Indigo’s simplicity is its appeal. The Glowe lantern fits perfectly into any backpacker's sack. Its retractable light chimney rests comfortably in the hand when used as a torch, but when extended the light chimney transforms the super bright beam into a secure, unfocussed glow.

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