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Ed Oxley Smoother rides

By Col | 07, Sep, 2012

Course Spotlight: Ed Oxley's Smoother Rides

The beard is back with us for another year offering his years of coaching experience to get you riding smoother. Talented skills trainer, mountain bike guide and Singletrack magazine regular Ed Oxley will take you out on a 3 hour guided route to help you enjoy the riding as much as possible.

“Balance, steering and good active body position on the bike will bring more flow to your riding and will lay the foundations for smoother and faster riding which is more fun.”

Ed runs is own guiding and coaching company Great Rock 

This Suitable for everyone from 12+

Sign up here for the course: Ed Oxley's Smoother Rides

Combine with one of our skills specific sessions with Campbell Coaching and by the end of the weekend you’ll be flying down the trails! Add in the mountain bike photo course with Benji and you can document it all too, what a weekend of biking!!


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